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Innovating with Digital Battery Limited

Absolute Product Design are excited to announce a collaboration with Digital Battery to re-invent the battery for the 21st century.

Digital Battery have redefined the Battery Cell as a semiconductor. By doing so, we have transformed charging rates equivalent to charging a Tesla90 in under 4 minutes, removing heat and fire risk endemic in current battery technology and removing the degradation suffered by consumers.

Batteries currently fail to meet the economic, environmental and climate change needs of society; like the need to store and discharge safely, to avoid range anxiety in transportation and to avoid environmental and economic exploitation of weaker peoples and societies. Mass adoption of renewables is retarded by the inability to safely and economically store and distribute intermittent energies.

DigitalBattery have transformed an established chemistry by reimagining a battery as a computer chip, to deliver real usable power density equivalent of L-ion batteries at a social and economic price attractive to all consumers.

The DigitalBattery design means existing designs and installations can be retrofitted; for instance older electrical vehicles can benefit from renewal to the benefit of a broader socioeconomic segment of society.

DigitalBattery shall democratise the transition from carbon powered to renewables powered homes and transportation; currently, electric vehicles and home solar generation are for the those with disposable income and/or access to credit. As such, the innovation will drive inclusivity of electrification across the social/wealth spectrum.

Just imagine, safe and sustainable product that allows, for instance, a normal person to charge their car in minutes at the local service station. A life changed and yet not changed at all.

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